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Culture and Climate

Culture & Climate Team

Willard’s Culture and Climate Team helps manage the school-wide culture and climate for staff, students, and families. They develop, oversee, and monitor progress with the execution of the schoolwide strategic plan for improving culture and climate. Members of our Culture and Climate Team have developed and continue to oversee the implementation of tools and structures to strengthen restorative practices as a school.

School Wide Expectations

Peace Pillars

As we enter this school year, we will function and work from a place of PEACE. We will collectively model, learn, and teach from 4 Peace Pillars:

  • Speak Peace: Thinking and acting with empathy, kindness, and curiosity
  • Feel Peace: Using words & actions to help build a caring and safe environment
  • Make Peace: Acting collectively to end all forms of racism, bias, bigotry, and bullying
  • Know Peace: Finding enjoyment and connection as we strive for academic success in order to reach our full potential