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School Overview


Willard School educates and inspires our multilingual and monolingual students to think and act critically with empathy, kindness, and curiosity. Each member of our community - staff, students, families, and caregivers - actively contributes to a caring, safe environment through both their words and actions. Our entire school community will take the steps needed to address and end all forms of racism, bias, bigotry, and bullying at Willard School; it is our collective responsibility to ensure our students feel connected, ready to learn at higher levels, and able to grow to their fullest potential.

Willard Garden

School Beliefs/Expectations

WE center our work around 4 Pillars of Peace 

  • Speak Peace: Thinking and acting with empathy, kindness, and curiosity
  • Feel Peace: Using words & actions to help build a caring and safe environment
  • Make Peace: Acting collectively to end all forms of racism, bias, bigotry, and bullying
  • Know Peace: Finding enjoyment and connection as we strive for academic success in order to reach our full potential

The Peace Pillars were created by our Culture and Climate team as a school wide system of expectations rooted in the principles of Responsive Classroom and Restorative Practices. We believe these principles establish learning environments across our school that support student success.